Solidarity tourism & suitainable development

Couleurs Birmanes

Besides sightseeing and enjoy the stunning views, you can also join in solidarity activities and help the local people to improve their daily lives too. Couleurs Birmanes works closely and allows them to benefit directly from the coming of tourists. And you’re invited to participate in those many activities in order to allow the villagers to develop efficiently theirs communities.

Many schools in Myanmar countryside are in bad situations or being destroyed. The reconstruction or renovation is urgently needed. The lacks of basic teaching aids and equipment, toilets are also the urgent needs. Those restorations will allow many children to have access to education. Rebuilding or repairing homes for the orphans, street children and the elderly people, teaching French or English to the children that will be useful for their future life.

We will also propose you to participate in the reforestation activities or planting fruit trees whose harvest will go directly to the populations concerned. The interactive activities like cooking and working in team with the local population will be organized in order to exchange recipes and share culinary culture.

Couleurs Birmanes commits with all suppliers to serve fresh organic food to the clients. The purpose is to travel differently, very closed to the local population, experienced theirs unique customs and to help them to develop theirs communities and to better live.